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The Crafts-n-Beer Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Is it possible to get creative gifts for creative people? Absolutely! Here are 14 suggestions (in no particular order) to get you started. 

If you’re shopping for unique handmade gifts this year, peek at ‘what’s in’ at our Indie Arts & Crafts Fest with our holiday gift guide. 

Discover new and exciting gifts for all the creative, wacky, interesting, intelligent, and engaging people in your life. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a general guide, this list will help you find the perfect something for that special someone.

You can find goods like these, and MORE, at our event on November 23 at the Motor City Brewing Works warehouse. Free Entry!

KUHL BeerMakesMeHoppyKoozie

1. For the friend who always has a can in their hand. 

They drink and they know things. Though sometimes not everyone understands their quirkiness. 

Maybe if you buy them some of KUHLart‘s eccentric screen printed koozies, people would understand why they drink and know things. 

Everyone loves someone with a sense of humor, even if it’s a weird one.

lincoln street beard oil
Lincoln Street Soap

2. For your nephew’s new look, try a beard oil.

Sure, his beard hasn’t fully grown in (it’s at that patchy stage) but he still loves it. Nurture his confidence by gifting him Lincoln Street Soap‘s Beard Oil. It’s got important stuff like Avocado and Apricot oil to create shine, control, and style.

Lincoln Street Soap is a natural and eco-friendly company too, which is cool.

East Maple Handmade
East Maple Handmade

3. For the little ones who love to snuggle. 

East Maple Boutique makes adorable stuffed animals, quirky home decor, hip crochet hats, and more.

Come see what they have to offer at this year’s fair. They’ll be selling a great selection of handmade goods for your loved ones or for yourself.

signs by rhonda coffee ground
Signs by Rhonda

4. For the coffee lover in your life.

Signs by Rhonda has handmade wood pallet signs, like this one for coffee lovers, that are just perfect! 

It would be a great addition to any bar or kitchen area. 

Want one for yourself? Signs by Rhonda does customs, so feel free to reach out. 

ceo business card holder
Be Frank Leather Co.

5. For your boss who you’re totally not sucking up to. 

Your boss will love Be Frank Leather Co’s handcrafted leather business card holder. Stylish and practical, what every person in authority should be. 

Be Frank Leather Co is local leather crafter with a focus on quality handmade goods. Come to the fair and see more of what they have to offer!

face planter
3D Planted

6. For the green thumb you know who can never have enough pots. 

3D Planted has these awesome planters. 

The company creates 3D printed and concrete plant pots, and sells the small cacti and succulents to go in them!

They’re stylish too. 3D Planted created the 3D printed All-Seeing Buddha planter. The product is 100 percent Earth-friendly PLA plastic and has a drain hole in the bottom. 

Perfect for anyone’s plant collection. 

loop art
Jane Alice in July 

7. For your cousin who is heading off to college.

Jane Alice in July is an artist who’s got your back. She creates hand-embroidered mixed media pieces that have a ton of sass and positivity. 

Exactly what every Freshman in college needs to embody and decorate their dorm with. 

EmTree Bath and Body
EmTree Bath and Body

8. For the environmentalist who stopped showering to save water. 

Get them a soap they can’t refuse. 

EmTree is a company that creates face soaps, lotion bars, and shampoo bars.

They aim to be as sustainable as possible. EmTree designs plastic-free alternatives to bath and body products. 

See! They’d be helping the environment!

beer scented candle
Gorilla Candles LLC

9. For your husband, because even men love candles.

Gorilla Candles makes exactly what you need to get the candle-loving man in your life. 

With names like “Motor Oil Candle Working Man” scent, “Dirt Scented Candle Working Man,” and this “Oatmeal Stout Beer Scented Candle”… aren’t you curious to know what they smell like?

Their aesthetic is spot on too, their “man candles” come in 1/2 pint paint cans, so don’t forget to include a paint can opener.

c Happy Face Lamberti square
Face the Wall Ceramics

10. For your mother who is always fussing over the house, inspire her with these ceramic tiles.

Face the Wall Ceramics will be at the fair as well. The artist creates original, limited-edition hand-pressed ceramic art tiles.

Get mom a few of them to put up around the house, with their bright colors and creative designs, she won’t stop smiling!

claudias yarn ear warmers
Claudia’s Yarn

11. For your sister who would look super cute in ear-warmers. 

Claudia’s Yarn will have stylish ear warmers in addition to their crochet and knit accessories and home decor. 

They make great creative gifts. 

Have your sis tag Claudia’s Yarn online when she posts a picture of herself modeling her new ear warmers.

mrockstar faygo 1
MRockStar Designs

12. For die-hard Detroit fans.

Pop, or soda? Pop of course!

MRockStar Designs makes wearable and functional accessories from bottle caps, like this bottle opener made from an upcycled Faygo cap.

jewelry peach necklace
Linked by Lisa

13. For your bestie who always looks amazing.

Linked by Lisa sells an eclectic collection of handmade bohemian-inspired jewelry that’s worth checking out. 

Like this fabulous necklace made of strands of various shades of salmon crystal beads and a soldered salmon colored quartz crystal pendant.

Perfect for the bohemian chic fashionista you know! 

baretts ornaments
Marais Handmade

14. And finally, for all your favorite Michiganders, pick up these holiday goodies.

Make your way over to Marais Handmade‘s booth at the fair. 

This team of women creates and sells handmade objects like magnets, earrings, and ornaments!

They have tons of Christmas and Michigan themed products… they even have Christmas in Michigan themed products! 

Visit Our Event Page for more info!

You can find goods like these, and MORE, at our event on November 23 at the Motor City Brewing Works warehouse. Free Entry! (Click here for tickets)


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